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Bone Joint and Back pain Private Doctor Brighton

Dealing with your aches & pains

We offer a medical consultation service and conduct medical screening tests as required. We screen for osteoporosis and recommend treatment to your GP. We do standard blood testing, x-rays, CT and MRI scanning as through our partners. We screen, treat and advise on back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fascitis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and foot and ankle conditions. We offer non-surgical treatments for pain. Some clients benefit from steroid  injections. Cortisone injections can help delay the need for surgery in well selected clients. . We have a referral system in place for clients who may need surgical treatment.  Book online (from the main menu above) or through the contact form below, for a consultation in our rooms. If you need a home visit, click on the link below to book.


For bone joint and back pain

 We have a comprehensive private healthcare pathway with access to complimentary services. We advise, prescribe and offer high quality and customised orthotics to assist with support and rehabilitation following injuries. Most orthopaedic and rheumatological problems are treated and can be treated without surgery. The jura medical wrist support is one of our popular orthotics and has helped may with carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist arthritis. Browse our wide range of orthotics and better still, get advice on what to use. 

Manual Therapy

Private Doctor Brighton

A lot of pain from muscles, bones and joints arises from overuse and fatigue. Wear and tear eventually sets in and becomes the main source of pain. We take care of pain throughout this cycle and help to reduce the wear and tear stage by revitalising the soft tissues and optimising function to maximise on effective load bearing.  We are offer manual Therapy targeting specific areas, tissues and medical conditions. We are committed to keeping the community looking and feeling healthy.  We offer weight loss programmes to augment health - Private healthcare to your personal needs and provided in your own comfort. Do you need a home visit? Contact us



Cheap and Affordable

At Spirittus health, we are dedicated to providing a high quality health support and service through which you can get advice and information on health related topics.  We particularly focus on musculoskeletal conditions (MSK), which is the area of our expertise. our services are in two forms, Our private doctor in Brighton and through video link consultations. Wealsso have an online shop where we sell products related to musculoskeletal health. The medical problems we concentrate on are very common, disabling and incapacitating. The conditions include Arthritis, back pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fascitis, achilles tendonitis and many more. Our shop provides and recommends supports for the care of these conditions. These include foot & ankle, knee and back braces.  We also advise on non-acute injuries such as fractures and their complications. Browse through our products and if need be, arrange for an online consultation.

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